Martha Brae River Rafting

Martha Brae River Rafting

The Martha Brae River is a river of Jamaica. It is located in Trelawny on the north coast of Jamaica, towards the western edge, about 6 miles south of Falmouth which is in Trelawny Jamaica. This Place is also the Birthplace of legend Usain Bolt.

Jamaica tour is incomplete without visiting  Martha Brae River for bamboo rafting purposes. There are more than 80 trained guides available for this river rafting which takes approximately 70-90 minutes of smooth ride.

You can also visit “Miss Martha’s Herb Garden”. This Jamaican herb garden is famous for it’s medicinal properties. These herbs are very useful in curing many diseases.

This Bamboo Rafting trip starts from Village Martha Brae and ends three miles downstream at Martha’s Rest. The whole 70-90 minutes trip is calm and you will be lost in nature. This river is surrounded by dense jungle which adds pretty much adventure to your trip. The 30 foot long  bamboo raft is comfortable and you just need to sit at the back, these rafts are driven by skilled people. These rides are very romantic, so if you are in Jamaica with your loved one, this  Martha Brae River Rafting is for you.

While planning for this rafting trip, you can carry a few important things which will make your trip more comfortable and memorable.

Sneakers or Water Shoes

Waterproof Cameras


Bug Repellent



These are some necessary items you must carry while visiting Martha Brae River Rafting.

One important thing is to note that all the rafts can carry only two passengers at back. If you are travelling solo, you need to pay for the whole raft. So, for single or double, the cost of the raft would be the same.

Although this river rafting is very slow in speed but still it is not recommended for the following people.

Pregnant Women

Physically Challenged

Back/Neck Problems

Arm/Hand Surgery

Motion Sickness

Heart/Respiratory Problems

So, if you are having any issues from above points, you can simply avoid this river rafting trip to avoid any unfortunate happenings.

Note – This river rafting is not available on Monday and Thursday.

So, if you are planning for this trip from any part of Jamaica, you can simply book our  taxis for a round trip or one way trip at a very affordable cost. Our Taxi Services are available for all the tourists coming from different parts of the world to explore Jamaica.  

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