Lethe Bamboo River Rafting

The Great River (Jamaica) is one of Jamaica’s major rivers and forms the boundary of the parish of St James with Westmoreland and Hanover.

The Great River rises at about 1,400 feet just north of the small village of Pisgah in the northwest corner of St Elizabeth. From here it flows north north-east for about 57 miles (92 km) (some sources say 46 miles (74 km) reaching the Caribbean Sea at Great River Bay on the island’s north coast, 4.5 miles (7.2 km) west of Montego Bay.

The Great River is home to great Bamboo river rafting. Thousands of tourists visit Montego Bay to Experience the adventure of Bamboo River Rafting. If you are in Jamaica, you should not miss this wonderful opportunity to witness this memorable rafting.

Lethe is a small village in the hills of Hanover, where you will find the perfect combination of land and water. People from different parts of the World visit this small place to witness its beauty. The water is calm and you can enjoy the Bamboo river rafting alone or with your partner. This place is great to experience bamboo river rafting. All the sailors are highly skilled and rafts are comfortable enough. You just need to sit with your eyes open to make this adventure memorable.

Lethe Bamboo River Rafting is an amazing experience that will be alive in your mind always. You will never forget the beauty of Village Lethe. If you are in Jamaica, a trip to Lethe Bamboo River Rafting is a must.

Jamaica is the perfect place to plan your vacation in 2021 that can give you the experience of beautiful beaches to mesmerizing Bamboo River Rafting. No matter from which part of the World you belong, a trip to Jamaica must be in your travel Goals.

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